Student Enhancement Program (College Groups)

This age bracket of a student when he/she is pursuing college studies also helps in the foundation of a lot of core aspects. They regularly need focus and motivation for the path which they will be choosing in future. A lot of them are confused as to what they want to do ahead. A lot of them sit for their placements and what to understand the path to the professional world. Few of them get into entrepreneurship and few follow their passion. A lot of them pursue their higher studies. So, considering the various parameters, they need regular mentoring and motivation for them to go through the path easily and with confidence. And hence the module for this age group is framed in a different manner.

The module covers all such aspects which a student needs during the graduation years for enhancement. It covers the pre placement aspects, personality building, group learning, group activities, aptitude building parameters, professional world, presentation techniques, public speaking, networking, self understanding and enhancement.

The team which conducts the whole module is a blend of young and senior +experts specialized in their different domains like Motivation, Psychology, Training, Mentoring, Corporate, Consultancy, Law, Media, IT, Manufacturing, Industry, Teaching, etc. So, it is combination of Youth Mentors and Specialized Speakers

Workshop Flow
The details mentioned below are of a 2 Day Workshop. It can be customised as per the requirement for 3, 5 & 7 days as well. (More Aspects can be covered if it is more than 3 days)

Day 1Day 2
Ice BreakersIce Breakers
Activity 1 / Session 1Activity 3 / Session 3
Group FormationGroup Formation
Mock GD’sMock GD’s
ExtemporeActivity 4 / Session 4
Activity 2 / Session 2Creative Group Activity
Artistic Take AwayArtistic Take Away
Feedback for the DayWrap Up
 Feedback for the Day

Session 1/ Activity 1 = “ Self Motivation and Belief “

Session 2 / Activity 2 =  “ Group Discussions and Group Dynamics “

Session 3 / Activity 3 = “ Entering the Professional World “

Session 4  / Activity 4 =  “ Realistic Optimism “

The topics and activities can also be customised as per the requirement. The points might sound the same and the delivery will be totally innovative and different.

The unusual elements which present in the workshop:

  • Mix Blend of Young and Senior Mentors
  • Activity Based Motive-vation and Psychology
  • Connect Building Process
  • Non Judgemental atmosphere providing space for huge learning
  • Different interventions like Music, Art, Drama to be used
  • Unusual Facilitation Process

Take away from the Workshop

  • A different picture of self
  • Optimistic outlook towards things
  • Self Confidence
  • Understanding and removing weakness
  • Self Motivation
  • Group Dynamics
  • Group Behavior
  • Overcoming fear
  • How to break comfort zone
  • Stage Fear
  • Expressing Self in a group and in public
  • Tips for GD
  • Tips for PI
  • Getting ready for the placements
  • Team building
  • Concepts like selling, etc
  • Networking
  • They stand out from the main stream crowd
  • Understanding of the corporate world
  • Expectations of the corporate world
  • Aptitude Building
  • Time Management
  • Planning and Execution
  • Attitude Building
  • Professional Attitude
  • Decision Making
  • Problem Solving

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