Recreational Learning Program (Corporate and Retail Stores)

The module is creatively designed for the organisation and corporate groups to have a stress free environment and a joyful learning atmosphere using interventions like Art, Music, Drama, Psychology, Story, Model Based, etc.

This model can also be incorporated with other models. It can be conducted at places like open garden, resorts, theme parks, open lobby, farm houses, etc. For Outbound and Auditorium, Seminar Hall, Banquet Space, etc for Inbound Learning. It can be customised for more days as well.


Module Outline

Introduction10 min
Ice Breaker10 min
Motivation and Energizer30 min
Sub Groups Formation15 min
Activity 140 min
Break30 min
Activity 240 min
Feedback for the Day15 min
Total Approx 3 Hours

The activities are customised and framed as per the requirement.

The modules will be focusing on:

  • Communication
  • Retention rate
  • Joyful Learning
  • Stress Free Zone
  • Non Judgemental Space
  • Smart Planning
  • Team Work
  • Group Dynamics
  • Leadership
  • Work Life Balance
  • Job Satisfaction
  • Discipline
  • Listening Skills
  • Life Skills
  • Ownership
  • Open to Learning
  • Smart Work
  • Dealing with Problems
  • Analytical Approach

The Outbound Module will be outside the campus. It can be of multiple days depending on the requirement.

Below given is a sample module for corporate:

Sr.No.ActivitiesDescriptionTime Allotted
1Introduction————–05 min
2Ice BreakerKickstart05 min
3EnergizerFocusing on 1 way / 2 way Communication10 min
4Group FormationKnowing Each other10 min
5Group Pyramid0Focusing on Team Work45 min
6Relaxing BreakCooling Down10 min
7EnergizerFun Learning10 min
8New Group FormationFun Way10 min
9Water SplashFocusing on Connect Building in a Group45 min
10Balloon ActivityDealing in a Group15 min
11Relaxing BreakCooling Down10 min
12Ice BreakerRefresher             05 min
13New Group FormationCreative Way10 min
14Concentration or Distraction?Focus & Distraction (Team Effort)45 min
15Wrapping Up ActivityFun End30 min

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